A Year Lost. Motivation Found.

Find your inner spark. Light a fire. Watch it burn.


Why I don’t make New Year’s Resolutions.

The new year is exactly what you make it. Don't start it off with high standards and intense pressure from your resolutions. Just let the new year drift in and adjust to it, no need to rush accomplishments.

Countdown to Inpatient

I've found my condition worsening, especially over the last week. I'm taking my new medication and trying my best to cope, but nothing is working. Sleeping is really my only escape from my terrible thoughts at this point, so that's all I've been doing while at home. I left work early today, telling my boss... Continue Reading →

Tonight, Death Was On My Doorstep

A shadowy figure sat in the passenger seat, emitting cold and terrible thoughts. There was music on the radio, but I tuned it out. All I could feel was the cold. And all my thoughts were uncomfortably disturbing. The condescending, hopeless and deadly thoughts.

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