What if We Aren’t Born with the Will to Live?

I believe that some of us aren't born with the will to live. Everyday is a struggle to want to live. Instead of wanting to live, we want to die. It's unpleasant and unfair that some of us have to go through life always struggling. Why couldn't we just have been born with the will... Continue Reading →


Is it Suffering?

It's not enough sometimes to be who we are. On occasion we have to strive to be somebody else. We have to be who others want us to be, even if we don't want to be it ourselves. But what's the point of living if you do it for others and not yourself?

Six Ways To Battle Depression

When you're in that depression funk it's hard to see the good in life. I know first-hand how dark your outlook on life can get, if you manage to have one at all. I think that everyone is different and these suggestions may not work for everyone, but why not give them a try anyway?... Continue Reading →

Explaining the Inexplicable…

Educating people on mental illnesses is half the battle. Once they know and understand that it is not our fault and it is not made up, we will make great strides of improvement on killing the stigma surrounding mental illness.

Writing About Nothing

It would be great to have it all figured out. But I don't. I've got no idea where I'll be in five years, or three years, or even three months from now. Every day I have is different and I just take it one day at a time.

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