How Working at a “Fast-Paced” Job Affected my Mental Health and so Much More

Ladies, Gents... I'll be honest with ya right now. I'm not the best person to ask to hold down a job. I find it very difficult to adapt to the workplace environment. Also, it's hard to maintain the same amount of excitement about doing the same thing over and over again, day after day, until... Continue Reading →


Everyone Needs Someone

We are only human, and everyone needs a break, a friend to talk with and a feeling of worth. You could be those things for somebody. Somebody could be those things for you.

Countdown to Inpatient

I've found my condition worsening, especially over the last week. I'm taking my new medication and trying my best to cope, but nothing is working. Sleeping is really my only escape from my terrible thoughts at this point, so that's all I've been doing while at home. I left work early today, telling my boss... Continue Reading →

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